1.I,Daniel Blake (unemployment/support allowance/jobcentre/Newcastle/UK/welfare)

2.Queen of Katwe (chess/Uganda/hardships)

3.Jackie  (1963/J.F.Kennedy/iconic First Lady/psychological portrait of the First Lady)

4.Hidden Figures ( story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson – brilliant African-American women working at NASA/separate but equal)

5.American Pastoral (1960s/USA/screen adaptation of Philip Roth’s 1997 novel, “American Pastoral/stammering/bombings)

6.Loving (1950/ Virginia/ interracial marriages)

7.Moonlight  ( identity, family, friendship, and love/growing up as a gay man in disguise/African Americans)

8.Certain Women (three strong-willed women strive to forge their own paths amidst the wide-open plains of the American Northwest)

9.Manchester by the Sea  (death/raising a teenager/becoming a guardian/ Boston/family relations)

10.La La Land (musical/passions/becoming successful)

11.The Edge of Seventeen ( teenagers/ love/loss/being different/growing up/being a teacher)

12.Priceless (human trafficking/being a father)

13.Three Days in August (adoption/Ireland/family gathering)

14.The Student Body ( USA/ obesity/BMI/investigative journalism)

15.Christine ( depression\ pressure\ TV reporter\ suicide\Christine Chubbuck)

16.Paterson(metaphors/Paterson/N.J/bus driver/poet/daily routines/creative processes/artistic life/patterns)

17.20th Century Women (1979/Santa Barbara/growing up/ single mother/cultural change/rebellion)

18.SelectED (documentary/American educational system)

19.Get Out

20.Fences  (1950s/Pittsburgh/working class African-American family/self-deprecation/being black and playing football/people who cannot change)

21.The Light Between Oceans ( Janus Island-Australia/1918/ tale of love and sacrifice/experiences of war)

22.The Birth of a Nation ( slavery/ Virginia/preacher)

23.A United Kingdom (interracial marriage/ international politics/ Botswana/London)

24.Gifted (gifted student/USA/maths/expectations/Diane Adler/Millenium Problems)

24.The Promise

25.Little Men

26.To the Bone (anorexia)

27.Jackson (abortion/USA/The Deep South)

28.Everything. Everything.

29.The Immortal Life of Henriette Lacks

30.The Girl with All the Gifts

31.A Boy Called Po (autism/ trauma/ gifts/being a single father/ dealing with mum’s death)

32.Strong Island

33.The Book of Henry

34.The Beguiled

My must-watch movies

I Am Not Your Nigger


Charlie’s Country

Mystery Road

A Quiet Passion ( Emily Dickinson)