2017/2018- Be the Change, Take the Challenge

2016/2017- The Universe is Made of Tiny Stories

2015/2016 Boosting Language Skills


New school year – new eTwinning project

2014/2015 Health issues among teenagers in European countries

TwinSpace and Skype – the two ultimate teaching tools

2013/2014 What’s up in Europe?

2012 A Culinary Journey Through the Eyes of the European Students

2012 Graphic Novels in the Classroom

2011 3 I’s – Interaction, Interdependence and Interculturalism

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Våre ferske eTwinnere-

2011 Enhancing the well-being and health of young people living in Europe

2011 Advocating a Critical Media Literacy



eTwinning at Nannestad High School/Norway


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